Trouble, Atlanta Rapper Behind ‘Bring It Back’, Dies at 34

Mariel Semonte Orr, an Atlanta rapper better known by his stage name Trouble, has died at 34.

The “Bring It Back” rapper, who was also known as Skoob, was reportedly caught in a fatal shooting altercation on Saturday night. He had performed the same night, only hours before the incident.

Rapper Trouble DTE is murdered

Murdered inside his car

n this regard, Alexis Sky, ex-girlfriend of the victimized rapper expressed her sadness for the events.

Trouble DTE had a decade-long career in music, as he debuted in April 2011 with the release of his mixtape "December 17th."

In this regard, Mike WiLL Made-It dedicated a phrase accompanied by some photographs on social networks.

"I woke up to three rappers dead in the last seven months.... Dolph, Keed, now Trouble. The shit has to stop," he said.

some fans also expressed their sadness for the loss of their idol.