Researchers Claim That Bruce Lee Died From Drinking Too Much Water

A new medical paper suggests Brue Lee's legendary habit of drinking a lot of water may have caused his early death at the age of 32.

Among the biggest mysteries in Hollywood is the one surrounding the death of martial arts icon and movie star Bruce Lee. However, a recent medical research paper poses a new hypothesis on what exactly killed this legend.

Lee rose to prominence as an actor starring in iconic action movies from the '70s such as Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, and Game of Death. He sadly passed away on July 20, 1973, with his official cause of death at the time being attributed to cerebral edema.

However, due to Lee's status as a pop culture icon who bridged the gap between Asian and American cinema, the circumstances of his death always inspired conspiracy theories that persist to this day, such as those involving Triad gangs or a curse also claimed his son, Brandon Lee

Now, a paper published by genuine medical journals has come up with an alternate take, as research conducted published in the Clinical Kidney Journal considered the notion that Lee's premature death may have been caused by hyponatraemia. Per the quoted paper,

hyponatraemia affects a patient when the body's sodium concentration is impaired due to its inability to regulate water intake, thus leading to kidney failure that can cause cerebral edema, which was ruled as the official cause of death. In the same document, Lee's symptoms are aligned with similar accounts of a woman who also died from hyponatraemia.

The entire document is certainly worth reading, with the group of researchers concluding their hypothesis by stating, "Bruce Lee died from a specific form of kidney dysfunction: the inability to excrete enough water to maintain water homeostasis [...] This may lead to hyponatraemia,

cerebral oedema and death within hours if excess water intake is not matched by water excretion in urine, which is in line with the timeline of Lee's demise.” It would also line up with a healthy, young individual suddenly passing away. Ironically, Lee, who died at only 32 years of age, was an early advocate for extreme health practices about nutrition and exercise that still hold some ground to this very day.